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New ingredients in cosmetology for the treatment of hyperpigmentation

Skin health and beauty are deeply intimate issues that impact our confidence and social standing. Unfortunately, our own bodies can sometimes turn into an enemy; affected by hyperpigmentation, we no longer recognize ourselves and doubt our identity.

Fortunately, medicine doesn’t ignore the issue, and biotechnology is now able to restore lost beauty and confidence. In the article below, we discuss tips for protecting skin health and remedies to use when it’s damaged.

Why does hyperpigmentation occur?

Hyperpigmentation is a process that occurs because of a violation of melanin synthesis, which results in its excessive production and accumulation of pigment in certain areas of the skin. Most often, hyperpigmentation occurs on open sectors of the skin, particularly on the hands, neck, or face, and is characterized by brown or grayish spots of various shades.

Сommon causes of hyperpigmentation include excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal system dysfunctions, skin diseases, side effects of certain medications, and old age.

It’s easiest to prevent the buildup of excessive pigment at a young age when the skin regeneration process is the most active. Unfortunately, during this period, most people ignore pigment spots because they are barely noticeable. After 35 years, hyperpigmented areas grow, and even peelings are no longer able to fight it.

What problems does hyperpigmentation cause?

Hyperpigmentation is a cosmetic defect. For some people, it creates powerful psychological discomfort, so they want to eliminate it.

But even people who accept themselves as they are should not ignore pigmentation. The most severe problem of pigment spots is that they can transform into skin cancer (melanoma). This type of oncology develops lightning-fast and quickly spreads metastases. That is why it is imperative to monitor the emergence of new pigmented areas and consult a doctor if necessary.

How to prevent hyperpigmentation?

The main rule is to limit the time spent in the sun (it is especially not recommended to sunbathe when the sun reaches its zenith).

A common belief is that sunscreen should only be used when tanning, but this is wrong. Clouds do not block all light, so a large proportion of ultraviolet rays still pass through and cause damage regardless of the season. Therefore, skin requires continuous protection, especially the face – the most vulnerable part of the body.

Treatment of hyperpigmentation using serum ZENA PRO Whitening

The field of cosmetology is advancing dramatically. New methods of treating hyperpigmentation appear every year. Peelings, acids, and serums are the most popular treatments as of now.

The team of ZENA technologists spent a long time developing the most efficient formula for the treatment of age-related spots and, in the end, invented the ZENA PRO WHITENING serum, which can solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Professional cosmetologists are already switching to using ZENA PRO WHITENING as a superior way to overcome hyperpigmentation.

A special feature of ZENA PRO WHITENING is a unique combination of components. ZENA specialists have conducted a lot of research to find the ideal proportion of the most effective ingredients, which allows you to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

The synthesis of glutathione, tranexamic acid, arbutin, and vitamin C in combination with niacinamide provides a powerful effect on melanin, which is the primary cause of pigment spots.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that has been widely used for skin lightening for many years. This biologically active tripeptide is called the “elixir of youth” because it incorporates sulfur-containing groups that remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Tranexamic acid blocks the production of melanin. In medical cosmetology, tranexamic acid shows excellent results in skin lightening because even minimal doses of this component whiten pigment spots almost perfectly.

Arbutin is a safe skin-lightening replacement for hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has a more substantial effect but often has undesirable side effects, due to which many countries have banned its use in cosmetic products.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that stops the biochemical process of melanin synthesis.

Niacinamide is an active form of vitamin B3 that blocks the enzyme that produces melanin. Due to this feature, niacinamide brightens the skin, evens its tone, treats hyperpigmentation, and fights post-acne.

ZENA PRO WHITENING serum can be used in combination with acid peelings and Algae peeling for better results.

Thus, thanks to the work of ZENA scientists, safe and effective treatment of hyperpigmentation has become possible. It is preferable to prevent the disease altogether through proper skin care and the use of sunscreens. But even if you fail, now there is hope. If you have been diagnosed with hyperpigmentation, we recommend speaking to your cosmetologist about using ZENA PRO WHITENING. And if you are a cosmetologist yourself, contact us on social networks to learn more about the product and other innovations that can take your practice to the next level.

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