Hyalnano Filling

Hyaluronic Acid Nanopowder: breakthrough face filler technology

In the 17th century, something magical happened in Europe. For millennia, humanity was defenseless before the forces of nature, before the inevitability of decay. Then we invented science.

Though the progress made since then is immense, many frontiers remain unconquered. One of them is the aging of our skin and the decline of our beauty with age.

Such a state of affairs doesn’t satisfy ZENA R&D team. After years of research, we are proud to introduce the first big victory – Non-Injective Hyaluronic Acid Nanopowder Face Filler (HyalNano). This breakthrough face filler technology will revolutionize our idea about aging and beauty.

What is special about HyalNano?

This innovative process has multiple benefits compared to traditional approaches.

Firstly, HyalNano is non-invasive, which meaningfully reduces the risks involved in the treatment procedure. This tenderness makes a recovery faster and post-treatment care lighter. But most importantly, the process becomes vastly more comfortable for patients.

Secondly, it can be applied in a highly localized manner, that is, only to specific spots where skin issues are located. Similarly to the previous benefit, it reduces the risk of side effects and facilitates recovery.

A third essential advantage is that HyalNano involves pure hyaluronic acid only. It is unlikely to cause allergic reactions and doesn’t interfere with the natural cycle of the skin.

Fourthly, our procedures don’t harm the organic microbiome of the skin: billions of microorganisms that are vital for skin health.

Lastly, HyalNano delivers hyaluronic acid up to ten times deeper than other methods. It interacts with deeper skin layers, thus achieving a more substantial and lasting impact.

How can HyalNano be used?

This innovative method can improve a variety of health procedures for facial skin:

  • Treatment of acne and post-acne;
  • Filling of wrinkles;
  • Generally improving skin health.

The secret behind HyalNano

Generally, any face filler technology has two critical components: the active substance and the delivery method.

The first one is easy. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is widely recognized as one of the best face fillers. It’s already present in our bodies, but the concentration diminishes as we age. Molecules of hyaluronic acid retain moisture, so having enough of it is crucial to well-moisturized skin, which is a key factor in skin health and appearance.

Organizing HA for efficient delivery proved more challenging, though. However, after many failed attempts, we have discovered that it can be delivered via special microneedles in the form of nanoparticles. Further experiments allowed us to refine the procedure and find the ideal size of hyaluronic acid nanoparticles, which maximizes the health benefits.

Our approach is stunningly simple yet elegant: delivering nanoparticles of hyaluronic acid using special microneedles.

What’s next?

ZENA aims to make skin care safe, accessible, and effective. Now that the core technology has been introduced, we focus on developing a product line and training therapists worldwide to achieve global impact.

Visit our main page to learn more about products that can make your skin healthier today.

If you are a therapist, contact us to apply for training.

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