ZENA Acid Peeling Treatment Procedure

Master class from Maria, Spain 🇪🇸 distributor

1) Remove make up – Zena cleansing gel
2) Mild peel exfoliation
3) Exfoliating foam to degrease skin – ZENA light peeling
4) Rinse with water, dry the skin
⚠️ Always apply acids from higher pH to lower pH
6) Mandelic with Azelaic MAZ – to improve skin tone
7) AHA to hidrate deeply, improve collagen production and increase glycosaminoglycans quantity in dermis
8) Lactic acid for lifting and anti aging effect
9) Neutralize all
10) BHA for black dots – only in nose locally
11) Neutralize nose area
12) Biphasic Rege Peel for glowing skin, contributes aminoacids, vitamins and essential oils to nourish, improves skin texture 😍
13) ZENA SPF 50 + Hat 👒 must have!

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