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Ingredients: Azelaic acid 5% Mandelic Acid 15% Ethanol

Zena Neutralizer Foam

Neutralizer Foam pH 8.0 The neutralizing foam is designed to soothe the skin after peels, the neutralization in the form

ZENA Nine Peptide Moisturizing Packing 10 pcs

Nine Peptide Moisturizing Zena Peptides are chains of amino acids that make up the proteins in our skin. These long

ZENA Peeling BHA20 – Salicylic 20%

Salicylic acid is the main active peeling agent. It acts as a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Salicylic peeling has a

ZENA Post Treatment Sterile Gel 100 pcs set

Gel soothes, eliminates itching, redness and burning. Sterile- can be used after injection procedures. Panthenol based gel is a topical

ZENA Pro Whitening+ ampoule Set, 8 ml x 10

ZE NEW ALTERNATIVE active innovation in professional skin care, created on the basis ofthe latest scientific achievements. One of the

ZENA Q10 Elastin Hyaluronic Zena Packing- 10ml / box 10 pcs

ZENA Q10 Elastin Hyaluronic serum for microneedling Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), hyaluronic acid, nano gold foil, elastin, coenzyme Q10, collagen,

ZENA Scars and stretch marks solution, rosacea solution -10 pcs

ZENA Scars and stretch marks solution, rosacea solution Concentrate of rosacea for skin repair – helps to restore the skin

Zena Skin Toner Whitening and Acne

Zena Whitening and Acne Skin Toner For preparing skin to professional treatment and improve the whithening and acne effect of

ZENA TCA 10% Peel

Acid Anti-Hyperpigmentation Serum

ZENA TCA 20% Peel

Acid Peeling against Hyperpigmentation

ZENA Whitening & Balance

Ingredients: Tranexamic Acid Vitamin C in 2 stable form Nonapeptide-1 Effect: Serum for skin whitening and melanin control. Antioxidant. Eliminates Dark Circles