ZENA Scars and stretch marks solution, rosacea solution -10 pcs

ZENA Scars and stretch marks solution, rosacea solution -10 pcs

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Scars, Stretch Marks & Rosacea
High content of rutin has anti-couperose effect: this ingredient strengthens
peripheral vessels, reducing their fragility and permeability, promoting the
formation of new collagen.
Recommended to use with dermapen at initial stage of scar formation after tissue
healing. The serum supports the regenerating effect, prevents inflammation, and
promotes collagen and elastin production. Also, the serum helps restoring existing
scar formations and stretch marks after skin injuries.

• Hyperpigmentation
• Age spots remedy
• Rosacea solution
• Skin inflammation, irritation relief
• Skin tone blemishing & brightening
• Antiseptic effect
• Good for acne and post acne

• Suitable for dermapen (select needle length
• In hardware cosmetology
• Active ingredient for massage with Zena Algae
• Active ingredient for alginate masks

Purified Water (Aqua), Sophora Japonica, Soluble Collagen,
Ginger Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol

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