Training Course

We have training with a certificate of a trainer and a standard one - of a student.  

The trainer's certificate also includes your name at our website as an official trainer in your country. Only for persons, who have minimum 3 years beautician work.

Student certificate - for any beauticians who want to know a technique of work. 

We provide a video course and all treatment schemes.  Also, in case of questions you ask us or our brand trainer. 

1.Video course of Zena bb Contouring- we will show how make a bb glow, how to create a good blush and lips tones. How to make a right light and dark Tone. Normally it takes around 3h, but some part of video will be in high speed, so totally-1h video course- English language.

Student certificate-180$

Teacher certificate-250$


2. ZENA Hyalnano Filling treatment. We will show a deep penetration technique with needless 1,5mm and more. At video course you can check a main recommendation for it treatment - Russian language+ English subtitles.

Student certificate-180$

Teacher certificate-250$

Choose a best!

2 courses bb Contouring+ Hyalnano Filling

Student certificate-260$

Teacher certificate-380$

Course price don't include a bb glowing or Hyalnano Filling set