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Peeling Alpha-Beta (Alfa-Beta) Professional 15%, pH 2.3 
Indredients: glycolic acid 10%, salicylic acid 5%
Alpha-beta peeling procedures smooth out wrinkles and expression lines, even out tone and, according to studies, improve skin texture by 47% in relation to the original state.
This combination of acids stimulates cell renewal and, as a result, has a more intense rejuvenating effect on all skin types, even very sensitive, without redness and flaking.
- chronoaging, photoaging
- lifting effect
- hyperpigmentation, melasma, lentigo
- enlarged pores
- seborrhea, acne
- oily skin, acne, comedones, deep comedones
- lifting effect
- dry, thin skin
- follicular hyperkeratosis
- skin fading, fine wrinkle mesh
- ingrown hair
- as preparation for other cosmetic procedures

When applying peeling, you must daily use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 3O + +.
Directions for use: Can be used as a pre-peel or as a stand-alone peeling. Exposure time: 5-10 minutes, it is possible to apply a second layer, then remove with a cotton pad or sponge with cold water. In case of severe redness or persistent burning sensation, wipe the face with a neutralizing compound
Recommended number of procedures: for the face and décolleté 6-10 procedures once a week or as an independent procedure before cleansing the face - if necessary .. The peeling procedure can be repeated, the need and the period of repetition is determined only by a cosmetologist.
The chemical peeling procedure is traumatic for the skin, so it is advisable to cover it with a professional soothing post-procedure mask ,the mask should be kept for 20 minutes, do not wash, let the residues soak into the skin.
For healing and regeneration of the skin after the procedure, we recommend using Aloe Vera gel in home care.
Aloe gel creates a protective film that stimulates the rapid recovery of deformed collagen and the regeneration of new protein, and then firmly binds the elastane and protein fibers with moisture. Also, this plant helps relieve pain and irritation, kills bacteria and stimulates healing.
Contains - glycolic acid 10%, salicylic acid 5%
Inflammation of the skin or infection of it in the active stage.
The presence of a focus of chronic infection in the body.
The period after operations on other organs.
Damage to the organs of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, thyrotoxicosis, and others).
The presence of allergies or individual intolerance to the components of the chemical composition of Jessner peeling.
Pregnancy period (breastfeeding).
Taking systemic retinoids for the treatment of severe acne (Roaccutane, Acnecutan).
Violation of the integrity of the skin.
Viral diseases (herpes).
Caution: For patients with dark skin, a procedure perception test is required before peeling.
Mandatory testing for sensitivity and allergic reaction (preliminary application to the bend of the elbow or in the area behind the ear)

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