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ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box

ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
ZENA HYALNANO Filling set 1 box
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ZENA HyalNano Filling Set


Nano hyaluronic acid Powder - 5 pcs *5mg

Nano hyaluronic acid Solution - 5 pcs *5ml

All Nano hyaluronic acid powder and solution are sterile and can be use with any beaty device and microneedling therapy. 

Non injection grade.

It is working as filler, but you can apply for Eyes area and all dangerous areas, where is not possible to make a treatment even hyaluron pen.

Hialnano filling treatment protocol :

1. You cleanse and treat your skin with an antiseptic (eg Chlorhexidine)
 2. Sprinkle (nano hyaluronic powder, you can not sprinkle much) the powder and stamping it into the skin. 
 Exposure, face- appr. 30min. By stamp Hialnano powder.
 3. Serum is applied to the entire skin.
 You can again go through the stamp (if you are use a nano needless) or not process more if it is a 36 or 12 needless cartridge.
 4. The completion of the procedure may be different - a) Mask and LED lamp b) any beauty equipment c) alginate mask.  
At the choice of a professional beautician.
 5.Posttreatment cream.

What is Hyalnano Filling treatment?

More popular questions about it.

Hyalnano powder is spreading in the skin.  Due to the small size of the nano molecules, hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the derma and is spreading there. 3-4 days It pulls water, due to the powder it happens slowly and more efficiently.  

Powder is 100% concentrated nano hyaluronic acid.  

With dermapen you got the maximum result.  We recommend using needles - 36 needle cartridge.  But, possible to use a nano cartridge also.

-How long does it last in the skin?

usually we recommend to make it as a course of 3-5 treatment. Effect will be last 8-12 months long, depending on skin types. For dry skin it maximum results!

- How much of the product should I use per area on the face? And what depth of dermapen ,is it ok with 12 pin? I saw also might be with nano cartridges.

You can use 12 or 36 pin. Usually nano pin given a deep hydration, but not as filler effect.Powder is sterile, so possible use even for very deep penetration

- How many times I have to pass the dermapen on the skin to absorb it? Or is it just when you see skin absorbed,it’s enough?

At one area you need to stamping it 3-4 times. 

Around 30-40min on the face skin.

Amount of powder depending on area and applying areas. From half to 1 ampoule of powder for 1 treatment.

It is 100% nano hyaluronic acid, have all certification kFDA, ISO, GMP

Packing - 5 powder +5 serum / total 10pcs

Made in Korea

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